noiseLAB Family Overview

In the following presentation you get a good overview of the noiseLAB family, including lots of screen shots and pictures from the field of the system in action.

noiseLAB Extended Overview

And stay tuned for the official release of the next generation noiseLAB coming soon.

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Practical Challenges ;-)

noiseLAB Wind now provides Wi-Fi capability of up to 1000 meters line of sight. But at this distance, unplanned events can occur.  The meteorology mast and wi-fi antenna was surrounded by an electric fence, which unfortunately, the farmer did not provide powering for.  The cows toppled the fence and the antenna, thus interrupting the measurement.  Satisfied with their achievement, the contented cows are seen relaxing next to the “crime scene” and chewing their cud. Cowfoto

Photo: Mikael Sørensen, DELTA.

Fortunately, we can access the main data collection PC remotely by an iPad, thus making it possible to tune the antenna angle for optimum transmission back to the PC.

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noiseLAB and DELTA Certifications

DELTA is certified by the Danish Accreditation organisation DANAK under the ISO/IEC 17025 standard for

“General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories.”

On the web page linked to above, enter 100 (this is the company number for DELTA)  in the search field for “Registrationnumber”.

Under this standard, DELTA is specifically certified with respect to Wind Turbine Measurements and many other methods in this list of methods.  A search for 61400 on this list of methods will show the DELTA’s accreditations for wind turbine noise.

In addition, conformance to relevant acoustic Type 1 standards for noiseLAB and noiseLAB Wind are tested by an external indepedent laboratory.

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noiseLAB Wind Announced

Denver: 28 August 2013

DELTA today announced the release of noiseLAB Wind at the Wind Turbine Conference in Denver.

noiseLAB wind provides wind turbine noise certification to IEC 61400-11 Edition 2 and 3 in a customized system with real-time wireless streaming of microphone, metrology and turbine process parameters  up to a distance 1000 meters (line of sight).

All signal processing, including 1/3 octave and FFT analysis, wind binning, third octave sound level and sound power computation, tone analysis, and measurement uncertainty calculations are part of the system. Measured and derived parameters are processed and stored real time to disk during the measurement, including all time domain waveforms.

The highly interactive user-interface permits monitoring of measurement progress, including real time update of wind-binning progress, curve fitting, and scatter plots. Ad hoc signal analysis can be performed on the running system, independent of the analysis functions being stored to disk.  Audio monitoring of any acoustic channel is also included.

The noiseLAB family now consists of

  • noiseLAB Express: Easy import, calibration and analysis of .wav files
  • noiseLAB Pro: Multi-channel recording, editing, and analysis of noise and vibration signals, including sound quality, tone and impulse metrics.
  • noiseLAB Wind: Customized Wind Turbine Recording and analysis to IEC 61400-11
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Updated Tone Analysis Released

A new version of noise of noiseLAB Batch Processor is now available with updates to the tone analysis methods as described in this read me file.

The new version ( may be downloaded here.

If you are running under Windows 7, remember to install and run the program as systems administrator.

Your existing license keys also apply to the new version.

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The Next Generation…noiseLAB Batch 4.0 Processor BETA Released

BETA01 has multiple new functions, including Sound Quality, Vibration, and Impulse Annoyance (Nordic Method). The beta will expired on October 31, 2013.

In addition it has several new experimental methods for wind turbine noise assessment:

Both are based on formal listening panel tests by DELTA’s SenseLAB.

Beta 2 will be available Early November 2013.

The Beta is compatible with existing noiseLAB Project files (.nlp extension) and requires that you have created these files with noiseLAB 3.0.17.

For those who don’t have the current version of noiseLAB the following project files are provided to make demo of the new version easier. You can download demo project files here:

Impulse demo files

Tone and Wind Turbine Samples

Unzip the file, and navigate to the .nlp file from the noiseLAB Batch Processor BETA.

Read me File

The next BETA(02) will include a new Recording and Editing front end based on the use-of-ease in noiseLAB Express.

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noiseLAB Express…Simply Powerful

Download Demo here:

noiseLAB Express

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DELTA presents Wind Turbine Noise related papers at Research Conference

  • Logo

DELTA will present four noise related papers at the Danish Wind Power Research Conference 2013 on May 27 and May 28, 2013. The link to the conference is here and the link to the program is here.

  • Impact of noise from Wind Turbines, Torben Holm Pedersen, Senior Technology Specialist DELTA. (May 27 morning). This paper will also include an overview of current state of the art in low frequency measurement and annoyance evaluation.
  • Wind Turbine noise at night: Consultant Lars Sommer Søndergaard. DELTA (May 27, late afternoon)
  • Wind Turbine Noise Measurements and prediction: Techniques and challenges, Carsten Thomsen, Director of Engineering, DELTA (May 27, late afternoon)
  • Tonality in Wind Turbine noise, Consultant Lars Sommer Søndergaard, DELTA (May 27, late afternoon)

An additional paper from DELTA: “The Wind Farm as a System”, Total system analysis and modelling using synchronized sensors. Carsten Thomsen, DELTA, will explore how synchronized sensors create new opportunities for wind turbine measurements and modeling, including noise propagation.

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Beta test of revised tone analysis

The Tone Analysis algorithms in the noiseLAB Batch Processor have now been updated and a beta version of the updated algorithms is now available.  Read more here.

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noiseLAB Express 1.1 Now shipping: Your wavefiles are worth their weight in gold!

…and noiseLAB Express unlocks that value! 


noiseLAB Express is the entry level product of the noiseLAB family, that gives you

  • Octave and 1/3 octave analysis to Type 1 standards
  • FFT Analysis down to 10 Hz resolution.
  • Sound Level Analysis: Fast, Slow and 1 second Leq.
  • Advanced cursors: Level, level difference, time difference, frequency, and automatic peak selection.
  • Import and one click calibration of multiple files.
  • Automatic transfer of scale settings from Svantek instruments
  • Import of single channel recordings up to 10 minutes long.
  • User-friendly non-destructive editing of recordings.
  • Multiple clips per recording.
  • Batch Processing on unlimited number of Recordings or Clips (PC memory/disk dependent).
  • Data “Scrubbing”:  View the FFT or 1/3 octave spectrum interactively as you drag the cursor back and forth on the Sound Level graph.
  • Export of Results to Excel.
  • Easy to use, with multiple shortcuts.
  • Sound playback with extra gain for low level signals.
  • High analysis speed: Exploits multi-core processors
  • Windows XP through Windows 7 Support.

Download noiseLAB Express today for a free 30-day demo or buy in DELTA’s on line store for EUR 79/USD99.

…and here is a bit of the thinking behind noiseLAB…

Noise professionals are increasingly recording their raw sound signals.  Here are some of their reasons:

  • No regrets: you can always go back, analyze again, check for errors, and audit the measurement.
  • Analyze the right noise events
    • You can edit the file to remove barking dogs, chirping birds, or other undesired noise.
    • You can listen to the signal to ensure that it is “clean”: free from distortion, hum or electrical interference from mobile phones.
  • Better documentation:  If your measurement ever is challenged, you have the raw recordings to permit independent audit of the analysis.
  • Wider range of analysis choices:  You are only limited by the software on your PC.
    • You may change your analysis bandwidth for high-resolution FFT using very large FFT transforms,  1/24th octave analysis
    • You can re-analyze the signal with different weighting networks and detector settings.
    • You can perform tone analysis interactive tone editing.
    • As new methods become available, you can apply them to your existing files.
  • Higher analysis speed: PC’s typically run more than 10 times faster than handheld instruments.

And now that most sound level meters can record .wav files to flash memory, it becomes easier.  And  saving your .wav files is no longer a cost issue: disk storage costs have dropped to close to $100 per Terabyte for high-speed USB 3.0 portable disk drives.

noiseLAB Express:  Professional analysis software designed by noise professionals.

Download the demo version here and purchase noiseLAB Express here.

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