noiseLAB Wind

noiseLAB Wind is no longer available. This page is provided as historical reference only.

noiseLAB Wind is a customized system for Wind Turbine noise certification to IEC 61400-11. In addition, it provides raw data recording capabilities, and can also be used for research and development of wind turbine noise.

For an overview of the noiseLAB family, including multiple screen shots of noiseLAB Wind, look at the following presentation.

noiseLAB Family overview

noiseLAB Wind leverages many  years of experience in close cooperation with the Danish and international wind turbine industry in certification, test, research, and analysis of wind turbine noise. DELTA’s role as the lead contributor to IEC 61400-11 standard, gives us a unique, in-depth understanding of the standard.

The noiseLAB Wind system is DELTA’s second generation of wind turbine noise test system, and leverages many years of internal use of our first generation system. That experience is leveraged to the entire industry with the public availability of noiseLAB.Wind.



  • Provision for wireless connections to Microphones via to National Instruments front end (USB NI 9234, 9215 etc.) and WiFi routers up to 1000 m line of sight.
  • Acoustic Front end and associated signal processing in conformance to section 6 of IEC 61400-11. 2012
  • Acoustic Measurement according to section 7.  Sound Power and Tonal Audibility require optional modules.
  • Wind speed measurements in conformance to Section 8.2
  • Interface to analog and digital anemometers from Schiltknecht and Risø anemometers.
  • RS-232 interface to selected Vestas and Siemens wind turbine control systems for real time logging of process parameters.
  • Analog interface to wind turbines with analog outputs for process parameters
  • Input of Wind Turbine Power Curve for automatic detection of “legal” operating wind speeds.
  • Input of Wind Shield correction table
  • Real time logging of raw waveforms to disk (tdms format)
  • Logging of noise measurements (Leq, 1/3 octave spectra, FFT spectra)  to disk with associated win bin information.
  • Real time viewing of input data
  • Real time viewing of histograms of measurements as a function of wind speed bins.
  • Real time scatter plots
  • Measurements to IEC 61400-11 and several variations hereof.
  • Data storage in Excel and tdms for maximum post processing flexibility.

FFT Spectra, 1/3 octave Spectra (A weighted and Linear), Wind Turbine parameters, wind speed and direction, derived parameters as per IEC 61400-11.

  • FFT spectra output for Tone Analysis to ISO 1996-2 Second Edition Annex C using noiseLAB.
  • Options:
    • Wind Binned Tone Analysis to IEC 61400-11
    • Wind Binned Sound Pressure Level and Sound Power calculations  to IEC 61400-11
    • Measurement Uncertainty Calculations to IEC 61400-11
    • Customized interfaces to digital outputs from wind turbine control systems.


  • Wireless microphone connections simplify cabling and set-up.
  • Storage of raw time waveforms permits greater data integrity, audit, and flexibility of post-processing options.
  • Drivers for selected turbine control systems automatically parses these data.
  • Linearization tables for anemometers improve accuracy.
  • Correction tables for windshield improves accuracy.
  • Robust data recording for high file integrity in case of system crash.
  • Works with off-the-shelf hardware for ease of configuration and upgrade possibilities.
  • Real Time wind binning lets the user monitor the progress of the measurement.
  • Real time scatter plot lets the user view any parameter(s) to permit real time auditing of the integrity of the measurement.
  • Automatic detection of “legal” wind speeds based on pre-loaded power curves.

The system has been independently audited applicable ISO quality standards.

All references to sections of IEC 61400-11 are to the 2012 edition of the standard.

Specifications subject to change.

noiseLAB wind is available direct from DELTA in a variety of customized configurations.

The product data sheet is available here: noiseLAB Wind.

An extended data sheet with configuration guide is available here:

noiseLAB Wind Extended.

A typical system block diagram is available here:

Block Diagram Configuration

The slides from the presentation at the Wind Turbine Conference 2013 are available here: WTN noiseLAB Wind Presentation.

For more information, contact Carsten Thomsen