noiseLAB Express FAQ

  1. Can I view signals from the built in microphone on my Laptop?  Yes.  Right click on the DELTA logo in the upper right hand corner and select “Measure”.  You can view the Sound Level, Octave or FFT spectra on the right hand graph. Results cannot be saved.
  2. My demo period has run out.  Can I renew it by un-installing and re-downloading noiseLAB Express? This does not extend the demo period.
  3. How many computers may I use the same license on? One machine at the office and one machine in the field or at home.  The license is valid for one simulataneous use.
  4. noiseLAB Express will import but not analyze multichannel files. This is by design.  Only the first channel will be analyzed.
  5. noiseLAB Express behaves strangely.  Close noiseLAB Express, and delete the noiseLAB Projects folder in your Documents folder. Then re-start noiseLAB Express.
  6. Do my .wav files get deleted when I delete a Recording? No.
  7. Are my .wav files copied into the noiseLAB project when I import them?  No, they remain unmodified at whatever disk location you imported them from.  When imported, and copy of the .wav file is created in the noiseLAB Projects folder in a special, high-performance file format (tdms)
  8. What happens if I delete my .wav files.  It is your own responsibility to manage and protect your wave files.  It is only the TDMS copy of the .wav file that is managed by noiseLAB Express. We strongly recommend that you keep your .wav files in a separate directory and back them up.  They are your “raw” data, or “negatives” (to use a film analogy).
  9. Which operating systems are supported: Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 (both 32- and 64-bit).
  10. I lost my license key. What should I do? Send CTXI ( an email along with an reference to your order number/confirmation.