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noiseLAB 4.0 Users Guide

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Notes before you download:

After submitting your registration form, click on the following links to download the latest shipping versions.  The programs run on Windows XP Service Pack 3 through Windows 10.

If you don’t have a license key, you may use the following restricted  demo key for noiseLAB 4.0 from CTXI:

Name: “TempDemoKey”

Company: “RestrictedUser”

License: “B6A41ED98FF90044D482”

Note: It is not necessary to uninstall previous versions 4.x.x of  noiseLAB Capture and Batch first.

noiseLAB 4 Download Links (posted 26 January 2016)

NOTE: Current noiseLAB 3.0 should not be uninstalled first, since noiseLAB 4.0 Batch Processor can read its files.

noiseLAB Capture 4.0.4

The above program contains a set of tone analysis demo files which can be found on your desktop in the folder noiseLAB Demo wave files. Alternatively, they will be found in the Temp file, if you have not deleted the contents of this file folder.   If you need the demo files again, download noiseLAB Capture 4.0.4 and install again.

Resolves an issue where noiseLAB cannot read project files which have been moved.  This version will repair project files automatically when they are opened.  CAUTION: Make a backup of your project files before running this version.

noiseLAB Batch 4.1

Provides numerous bug fixes and enhancements for noiseLAB Batch 4.0.

The above latest versions are compatible on Windows 7 through Windows 10. We would greatly appreciate any feedback on noiseLAB running on Windows 10.

NOTE FOR WINDOWS 10 USERS:  Run version 4 in Administrator Mode.

Extensive documentation is available by right clicking on the ? in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

noiseLAB 4.0 Users Guide

For simple demo use, you only need to use noiseLAB Capture. The more advanced functions (tone and impulse analysis, time slice, sound quality, and vibration) are available in noiseLAB Batch by loading the .nlrc file from projects created by noiseLAB Capture in the DELTA\noiseLAB Pro Projects folder.

After installation

Current noiseLAB 3 Users: To maintain access to noiseLAB 3.0 projects, do not uninstall noiseLAB  3.0 programs.

Kindly note the FAQ on the Support Page

noiseLAB 3.0 compatibility notes:

noiseLAB Capture and noiseLAB Batch may be installed on the same PC as existing installations of noiseLAB 3.0 and noiseLAB Batch Processor

noiseLAB Batch 4.0 can read noiseLAB 3.0 Project files.

To access noiseLAB 3.0 projects, noiseLAB 4.0 Batch must be run in Windows Administrator mode. For new projects created by noiseLAB 4.0 Capture, you do not need to run in Administrator mode.

Existing licenses to noiseLAB 3.0 can be upgraded by contacting us at

A set of noiseLAB 3.0 Projects are available here.

Demo Project

Other Software

exSOUND2000 : Contact

Download noiseLAB Express 1.1.3: Now replaced by noiseLAB Standard.  Please download it instead.

Note: If you already have installed noiseLAB Express 1.0, you must delete the “noiseLAB Projects” folder in your Documents folder.

Download noiseLAB Calculator (Free)

Link to previous versions of DELTA Software