Cool Stuff from DELTA

DELTA is a technology powerhouse providing lots of cool services and products to industry.

We are the biggest test house in Denmark, making sure that new products work reliably when exposed to a wide range of environmental influences including humidity, temperature, vibration,

 salt spray, and dust. In additon we provide EMC compliance test in our advanced 10 meter

EMC test chamber. We leverage our experience in test to provide advanced consultancy services to get your product to market faster with fewer faults.


In acoustics DELTA provides software and services for measurement of noise emissions from machines, including wind turbines, and calculation of noise patterns and propagation for noise planning.  We also measure the acoustics characteristics of buildings and associated materials, and are a leading supplier of test and research services for the hearing aid industry. Our SenseLab provides innovative psychoacoustic tools for advanced listening test of audio equipment using specially trained panels of expert listeners.

The light and optics division provides world class optical filters for precision optical instruments, and its road reflection sensors improve safety by ensure the road stripes meet the required reflectivity requirements.

The Microelectronics division provides world class mixed signal turnkey ASIC design.  We provide design, manufacturing and test services with DELTA as the single point of contact as we manage all relationships with suppliers in the Far East. The BroBizz road pricing chip is one example of a highly successful chip design, and we are now actively development electronics for wireless body sensors.

Wireless body patch

DELTA’s consulting teams can help you in the desire design cycle (the V model), from innovation, specification, test, and overall development processes.

As a GTS approved institute we participate in a number of joint industry/university research consortia, both nationally and internationally.  All are focused on making industry more competitive and rapidly deploying new technology. Examples include low power wireless sensor networks, energy harvesting, short range wireless devices, medical applications. We are currently planning to start projects related to nanosynchronization.

Occasionally, key DELTA research may be spun off in innovative start-up companies including medical applications.

DELTA leverages its 70 years of hands-on experience in a wide range of technologies to help make industry for successful.

“We help ideas meet the real world.”