Standards Conformance


Class 1 Standards: noiseLAB is designed to conform to EN 61672-1 Class 1 for free-field applications.

The filters in noiseLAB conform to EN 61260 Class 1.

The user is responsible for using Class 1 conformant Microphones, Preamps, Calibrators and Digitizers/Recorders with noiseLAB, as well as ensuring the required periodical calibration of the system and its components.

Tone Analysis: Conformant to ISO 1996-2 Annex C. This standard is also referred to in multiple national and international standards.

BS 4142:  The standard references the relevant EN standards for Class 1 measurements.  These measurements can be used by the user to derive the ratings described in Annex A of the standard.

Annex C describes the “objective” method for Assessing audibility of tones using the one-third octave method. noiseLAB provides these third octave analysis, tp which the user can apply the simple requirements of Annex C.

Annex D for tones is based on ISO 1996 2 and is fully supported in noiseLAB.  This method was originally developed by DELTA.

Annex E for impulsive sounds in fully supported by noiseLAB.  This method is based on the Nordtest Method ACOU 112 which also was developed by DELTA.

Tests and Certification Documents:

noiseLAB 2.0 Test Report

noiseLAB 3.0 Test Report

noiseLAB 4.0 Test Report (coming soon)

noiseLAB Wind Recorder Test Report (coming soon)

National Instruments Octave Analysis Certificate

National Instruments Weighting Filters Certificate

National Instruments Sound Level Certificate

National Instruments Conformance to Sound and Vibration Measurement Standards: This document is National Instruments Current Official paper documentating their support of various standards.

noiseLAB software used the above National Instruments analysis utilities.