License Terms


By downloading and installing the noiseLAB software, you agree to the terms of this license agreement. If you do not agree with the terms of this license, you must cancel the installation procedure, and have thirty days to return the software to CTXI. Please see the section 8 below “Return Policy”.

1. Definitions. The following terms as used in this agreement are defined as follows:

A. “You.” The person using the SOFTWARE as well as your organization/employer if you are using the SOFTWARE as part of your job.

B. “CTXI” : CTXI ApS located at Kammerrådensvej 7 1 th  2970 Hørsholm Denmark.

C. “Software.” Any and all programs delivered to you by CTXI.

2. Grant of License. When you have licensed the software, you have the right to use the software under the following conditions:

A. Office License: You are permitted to install the software on one and only one office machine per license. Different users may use the same machine sequentially, but the software can only be installed on one machine.

B. Field License: In addition to the office license you are allowed to have the same license installed on a separate computer for personal non-simultaneous use only. For example, if a user is in the field on assignment which uses noiseLAB installed on his/her machine, then the Office License cannot be used during this period.

C. Home License: In addition to the Office and Field licenses you are allowed to have one copy of noiseLAB installed one home machine, and only for the duration of your current employment for the organization which has acquired the license. The home license may only be used for personal and non-commercial use, or for work directly related to your employment.

D. Other uses: The licensed organization is not allowed to give or lend consultants or other companies copies of licenses under the Office, Home License, or Field license clauses.

E. Transfer or sale: The owner of the license may transfer to sell it to another organization or person, and must notify CTXI hereof, and in writing confirm that it has uninstalled the program from all of its computers. The license key cannot be transferred to the buyer of the license, who instead must acquire a new license key from CTXI.

F. Demo License. You may use the demo license for the period specified by the demo license agreement. Demo versions may be extremely limited in their functionality, and may contain other restrictions that they may make the useless.

G. Educational/Academic License: The program is a single-seat license for non-commercial, academic use at the institution for use by current students and/or faculty.  For paid research or any other project for which the university receives full or partial compensation, a full-price commercial license must be acquired. Academic licenses are non-transferable.

3. Restrictions: You are not allowed to reverse engineer, disassemble, modify or create derivatives of the licensed software. You may not transfer or sell the software to another party without CTXI being notified of that transfer. Notice that this software may be under export control laws of various countries, and it is your responsibility to make sure that it is only used in coutries where not restricted by law. noiseLAB software includes licensed software from CTXI, National Instruments and Microsoft Corporation, and thus may be subject to export regulations of the United States of America. See for the export regulations.

4. Software/Hardware Key: The software key assigned to you is unique for each license and may not be transferred to other users.

5. Copyright: The software is copyright by CTXI under the laws of Denmark and other countries, and may also include copyright software from Microsoft and National Instruments, both U.S. corporations. You may make one back-up copy of the software.

6. Limited Warranty. The software has a warranty of 90 days or the minimum dictated by law in the country of purchase of the software. CTXI warrants substantial conformance to CTXI published specifications. CTXI does not guarantee that the product is error free or will operate un-interrupted.

7. Limitations on use: CTXI software products are not designed for mission critical use, or for use in systems where is there is a risk of bodily or physical harm to persons or for use in systems where breakdown of those would result in economic or other loss.

8. Return Policy: By downloading and installing the noiseLAB software, you agree to the terms of this license agreement. If you do not accept the agreement, you must cancel the installation procedure, and have thirty days to return the software to CTXI. You must send DELTA a letter containing the following information: Your name, organization and physical place of business, the license number, and a declaration as follows:

“On behalf of [name of your organization] I hereby certify that the following software from CTXI [product name] with the following license key number [key number] is not installed on any computers permitted by the license to this organization, and that the downloaded software, and any copies hereof have been permanently deleted and any physical media containing the software are destroyed, along with the license key.”

9. Inspection: If requested by CTXI, you will make available internal records to document your compliance with this license agreement.

10.Governing Law: This license agreement is governed by the laws of Denmark, with respect to other international applicable laws.

Copyright DELTA 2011,  2018 All copyrights transferred to CTXI ApS in June 2021.

noiseLAB was a trademark of DELTA/Force Technologies transferred to CTXI ApS in June 2021

Updated September 22, 2021 after transfer to CTXI