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noiseLAB Advanced User Course

noiseLAB: Advanced Users Course November 13 (Hørsholm) November 16 (Aarhus) November 17 (Odense) noiseLAB 4.0 has more than meets the eye. Under its deceptively simple user interfaces you will find surprising power. Understanding the noiseLAB Architecture–and its benefits Architecture Work flow … Continue reading

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noiseLAB 4.0: Even simpler, even more powerful

noiselab 4.0 provides professional noise measurement software to Type 1 standards that is Simple Easy to Learn Easy to Use A first time user can learn the basics in a few minutes by following the tips in this two-minute YouTube video. The … Continue reading

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noiseLAB 4.0 Now Shipping

noiseLAB 4.0 is now shipping. Featuring a complete re-design, with focus on simpler workflow, faster and more accurate calibration, and a new, high-performance editor. In addition, new functions include vibration measurements, sound quality metrics, and the Nordic Impulse detection method. … Continue reading

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noiseLAB and noiseLAB Wind at noiseCON Sept 7-10 in Fort Lauderdale

noiseLAB 4.0 (noiseLAB Pro) along with noiseLAB Wind will be featured at the Scantek stand at Noise-Con 2014. in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At the same time, noiseLAB 4.0 will be shipping (as a download on September 8) as a free … Continue reading

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The flexibility of noiseLAB Pro 4.0

noiseLAB 4.0 consists of two programs “noiseLAB Capture” for data acquisition, recording, and Editing “noiseLAB Batch” for analysis of large batches of Recordings or edited Clips. noiseLAB uses open data formats and can interface to a wide range of data … Continue reading

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noiseLAB 4.0 Release Candidate 3 available

Release candidate 3 of noiseLAB 4.0 is now available. It consists of two downloads: noiseLAB Capture for wave file import, data acquisition, and editing of sound files. noiseLAB Batch Processor for advanced analysis of files from noiseLAB Capture. Includes vibration … Continue reading

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Recent Wind Turbine Noise Presentations

In January and March, 2014, DELTA has presented four papers related to noise measurement on Wind Turbines. At the Wind Turbine Acoustic Day on January 24, 2014 Nord2000: with special focus on applications to Wind Turbine Noise Acoustic measurement techniques … Continue reading

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noiseLAB Release Candidate 2 Available

Updated April 29, 2014 The new noiseLAB Pro Family consists of two programs: noiseLAB Capture for Data Acquisition, wave import, editing, and basic signal analysis. noiseLAB Batch for advanced analysis, including tone and impulse analysis, psychoacoustic metrics, and vibration. The … Continue reading

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Major new features in noiseLAB Pro

noiseLAB Pro is a major upgrade of noiseLAB with greatly improved usability and new measurement functions. noiseLAB provides a completely re-designed front end for one-click import, calibration and editing, plus support of a wider range of National Instruments data acquisition … Continue reading

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noiseLAB Wind: System Overview

  noiseLAB Wind provides a number of open data interfaces that gives greater flexibility and interoperability with third party tools. The above diagram shows the major data flow paths in the system, and some of the major data formats used. … Continue reading

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