About noiseLAB

noiseLAB is developed by DELTA, building a on rich tradition of 70 years of expertise in acoustics, psychoacoustics, and noise measurements. DELTA has pioneered the development of the psychoacoustic methods for tone analysis, which is now embodied in IEC stand 1996-2 Standard.  In addition, it has developed methods for Impulse detection which are now included in the JNM2 (Joint Nordic Method) and are being considered for international standardization. DELTA is also developer of the internationally recognized Nord2000 Sound Propagation method.

The driving force behind noiseLAB is to create a tool that is easy to learn to use, and efficient in its daily operation.  We focus on simplicity and operational speed.

noiseLAB is developed based on feedback from DELTA’s own field noise consultants, who spend thousands of hours in the field every year.  They are our toughest and most demanding customers, and their uncompromising requirements are “baked” into the new editions of noiseLAB.

noiseLAB has been particularly successful for wind turbine noise analysis, where DELTA’s leadership in tone analysis techniques plays an important role. noiseLAB Wind embodies DELTA’s significant contributions to the development of the IEC 61400-11 standard for Wind Turbine Noise measurements as well as our many years of experience in noise certification of major wind turbine manufacturers.

DELTA has subsequently merged with FORCE Technology which in June 2021 transferred all rights to noiseLAB to CTXI ApS

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