Holiday sale: 10% off

To celebrate the holidays, we are providing a 10% discount on noiseLAB Professional in all of December 2021 and January 2022. This gives the convenience of placing the purchase order in the desired financial year.

When you buy factory-direct in the EU, the price is €3950 minus 10% which is €3555.

Upgrading from noiseLAB 3 Professional: The upgrade price is €995.

Purchasing links for noiseLAB

The latest date we can receive your purchase order and invoice in 2021, is December 27 when you order direct.

You can download the fully-functional demo at:

Download demo

Be sure to download both noiseLAB Capture 4.0 and noiseLAB Batch 4.1. You can activate using the demo key on the same page which also has a link to the full User Guide.

For a personal on-line interactive demo or for detailed questions: contact Carsten Thomsen at

The fine print: We have a free 30-day return policy from date the license key is sent to you: No questions asked. Those customers who have purchased noiseLAB Professional in 2021, will receive a 10% discount on their next purchase.

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