noiseLAB: Help plan the future and visit our stand at “Store Støjdag”

noiseLAB will be exhibited at the above noise conference on October 4, 2021, and will be held in Danish.

At the conference we invite your input of what new features are most important for you.

The follow are some requests we have received and we can show prototypes of some of these.:

Add-on modules:

  • Reverberation Inspector: For interactive evaluation of reverberation curves.
  • Arbitrary signal generation with sequencing and repetition.
  • Whole body vibration
  • Multi-channel Frequency response, Impulse response (with editing).

Product enhancements:

Recording: Time Scheduled, Triggered Recording. Very long recordings (unlimited) in 1 hour segments. User-defined markers during recording.

.wav files: Improved .wav file import and export

Picture/Video support

Input Channels: Up to 16 channels. Mix of acoustic and other parameters, such as temperature and various general AC/DC signals from products such as the NI 9215.

Editing: Automatic clip creation. Pre-naming of Recording before or during recording. Enhanced automatic clip naming. “Exclude” editing.

Analysis: FFT: very high resolution down to 0.001 Hz. Zoom FFT. AM Demodulation. Sound Quality metrics: Bug Fixes and better performance. Reverb. Multi-channel Human Vibration including classification. 3D waterfall plots. Intensity plots. Multiple plots on one graph. Multiple cursors. Frequency Response function, and associated cross spectra, impulse response and editing hereof.

Improved export of tables and graphs. Searching and sorting of result lists. Simple post-processing of results.

Project: Input channel configuration saving. Merging of multiple projects.

Pricing: Outright purchase or subscription model?

Your input is valued: Whether you attend the conference or not, your input is always important. You can send it to

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