CTXI Recommends Services from FORCE Technology

After the spinoff of noiseLAB from FORCE Technology to CTXI, we are pleased to recommend FORCE Technology as a strong supplier of acoustic and vibration consultancy services. 

You can see the list of Force Technology’s acoustic services here.

and the facilities of FORCE Technology includes access to

  • Anechoic rooms
  • Reverberation rooms
  • SenseLAB
  • Advanced instrumentation
  • Custom signal processing techniques
  • Expert-driven acoustic and vibration troubleshooting workshops

Did you know that:

  • For many years FORCE Technology and DELTA have played a significant role as advisor to the Danish Environmental Agency, helping shape noise measurement techniques.
  • FORCE Technology has pioneered the development of new techniques for the measurement of tones and impulsive noise, based on solid psychoacoustic research. These are now widely used in national and international standards, and also are available in noiseLAB.
  • FORCE Technology works closely with major wind turbine manufacturers in advanced measurements, and helps develop new noise measurement standards for wind turbines.
  • Advanced noise propagation models (Nord2000) provide for noise mapping applications.  And with new computational techniques provide up to 100 times better performance.

Carsten Thomsen, CTXI ApS

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