13 dB lower noise with NI Module 9250

noiseLAB 4 can now support NI 9250 giving about a 13 dB lower noise floor than with NI 9233 or 9234.  The typical A-weighted noise floor with a 50 mV/Pa half-inch instrumentation microphone is about 20 dB (A)

Before you upgrade, please carefully note the following:

  1. The 9250 has two channels instead of four (for the 9233 and 9234)
  2. The 9250 has 2 mA transducer powering (IEPE), and just like the 9233/34, additional powering must be applied to provide the 4 mA for microphones with a 20 dB gain preamp. However, the lower noise of the 9250 significantly reduces the need for the 20 dB preamp gain.
  3. Chassis: Older USB carriers and chassis such as the NI USB-9162 and NI cDAQ NI 9172 cannot be used with the 9250. You must use newer generation chassis such as the
    • NI USB-9171 (one slot)
    • NI USB-9174 (four slots)
    • (NI USB-9178 (eight slots) (The current edition of noiseLAB only supports 8 channels))
    • [Ethernet versions of the above have not yet been tested for compatibility]
  4. Drivers: noiseLAB Capture 4.0 and later must have the National Instrument data acquisition drivers upgraded to DAQmx 14.0 but no higher than DAQmx 18.0. Note: Carefully check any other National Instruments programs you have installed, along with associated NI hardware, to ensure compatibility with the above mentioned range of DAQmx drivers.    Contact National Instruments for detailed information (ni.com).
  5. noiseLAB 3 is not compatible with the above drivers and modules.

CTXI provides paid support to help you in the upgrade process at a price of €300.  Contact Carsten Thomsen at ct@pxi.dk.

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