New perspectives for the future…

A cool Danish research proposal…from DELTA, a part of FORCE Technology.

Chip in with your comments on the proposed research proposal (in Danish):


Enhancing or replacing measurements with digital simulation of the entire chain:

  • Sound Sources: Design and function
  • Sound Generation and Propagation
  • Sound Insulation
  • Simulation of human perception of sound and experienced annoyance, based on advanced listening tests.

We envision developing new services for:

  • What will it sound like? (Auralization)  So you can experience the sounds from the simulated sound sources. Imagine hearing a new motorway before it is built, and the impact of various sound barriers.
  • Will I be impacted? (Annoyance GIS map) A real-time map of sound levels and annoyance.  Based on real-time monitoring, as well as historical data and simulation.
  • Shake, rattle and roll: Designing quieter machines by simulating vibration and sound and how to harness these by simulation and test.
  • No more noisy neighbors: Better computer models for building materials and building design— also to reduce how much you dsiturb your neighbors. 😉

As part of a family of the government approved Advanced Technology Group, FORCE Technology is eligible to bid on result-oriented research proposals to advance the state of the art over a broad range of technologies.

Your comments and input will help shape the priority of different research proposals.

Click here to read and add your comments: proposed research proposal (in Danish)

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