Notes on noiseLAB on Windows 7 and 10

Current Versions of noiseLAB 4.0.4 and noiseLAB Batch Processor 4.1 run on Windows 10.

Please note the following:

  1. noiseLAB assumes placement of your project files under Documents\noiseLAB Pro Projects\.  However, Windows, by default does not permit programs to write in folders placed in the root of the boot drive (normally the C drive). If you have project folders in a folder at the root of the C drive, you must run both noiseLAB Capture and noiseLAB Batch “Run as Administrator”
    • to be able to store results to these locations
    • for noiseLAB to properly remember locations for save and get operations. –Note:  the above considerations do not apply to other drives than the Boot drive.
  2. Windows Scales and fonts and other settings should be set to 100%. To find these settings in Windows 10, right click on your Desktop and select “Display Settings”. On some computers, the appearance may or may not be correct with other scalings than 100%.
  3. A few front panel fonts on the front panel of noiseLAB may be incorrectly sized. To fix this, add the following three lines to the configuration file for noiseLAB Capture file (.ini) also called Configuration Settings:

appFont=”Tahoma” 13
systemFont=”Tahoma” 13
dialogFont=”Tahoma” 13

This may not work properly for all keyboards etc.  Instead try one of the following:

  1. then copy the lines from the attached pdf file into the .ini file: appFont
  2. or edit the .ini file manually and replace the six quotation marks, with those from your native PC keyboard.


and paste them into the .ini file.

This .ini file (Configuration file) is located at the following path location:

C:\Program Files (x86)\DELTA\noiseLAB Capture 4.0\

Double click to open the file and add the three lines to the end of the file.  If Windows does not allow you to save the file at its original location, then save it to your Desktop, and drag the file back to the original location, overwriting the original file. It may prompt for Administrator approval when you do this.

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