Cure your dB headaches!

Have you ever had trouble adding decibels, and wonder why 0+0=3?

Or if you measure a level of 30 dB and the background noise is 20 dB, how much should you correct the measured value?

What is the free field sound level at 10 meters from a point sound source with a source power level of 98 dB?

How many Pascals is 94 dB?

What is the sensitivity in mV/Pa for a microphone with a sensitivity given as -26 dB re 1V/Pa?


What is the Doppler Frequency  Shift of a 1000 Hz tone of a car passing at 5 meters from the observation point at a speed of 10 m/s?


What is the measurement accuracy on a random noise signal filtered with a 1 kHz octave filter and averaged for 1 second.


Solve these and many other simple acoustic calculations with noiseLAB Calculator.  It’s free, ad- free, and with no obligations.

Read more here and download for free.

–OK, obviously we wouldn’t object to you sometime purchasing our noiseLAB Pro Software…;-)


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