noiseLAB 4.0: Even simpler, even more powerful

noiselab 4.0 provides professional noise measurement software to Type 1 standards that is


  • Easy to Learn
  • Easy to Use

A first time user can learn the basics in a few minutes by following the tips in this two-minute YouTube video.

The design of noiseLAB is user-driven, with dozens of features requested by advanced, professional users to give a faster, simpler workflow.

But this simplicity is also extremely


  • 1/N octave, FFT Analysis, Sound and Vibration level with statistics.
  • Automatic Tone Analysis
  • Sound Quality Metrics
  • Automatic Impulse analysis
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Time Slice analysis

Perhaps most important of all, is the “secret” workflow that gives you

Better Results

noiseLAB gives you more accurate, better documented results because

  1. You can audit your recordings by
    • Listening
    • “Scrubbing” the files (viewing spectra while dragging the cursor through the waveform)
    • Editing the files to select the relevant part of the signal and exclude unwanted signals such as barking dogs or chirping birds.
  2. You can always go back to the original recordings to
    • Make another analysis on the same data
    • Verify the correctness of your data selection
    • Correct mistakes

This workflow of Record, Edit, Analyze gives better results with better documentation and gives you a stronger case should your measurements be challenged.

Fast Reporting

Results of all analysis types can be saved in Excel friendly form and also as fully annotated graphs in jpg format.

For example, with Slice analysis, you can Slice a signal into equal duration blocks, each one second long (user-defined duration).  With a single button you can generate annotated jpg graphs of all the slices, as seen in this Windows Explorer screenshot.


Note that the file names contain the Slice number and actual start/end times, making it easy to find the relevant files without opening them.

And each jpg screen shot in automatically annotated with the most important documentation, thus reducing errors such as pasting a wrong graph into Word, or using a wrong Figure title:

frank Slice#42 41.000 to 42.000 s REC_Car Washing Machine

All of this, with a single mouse click.

As your experience with noiseLAB grows you will find even more features that make the product fast, fun, and powerful to work with.

More details about noiseLAB

noiselab 4.0 data sheet

Click here for more information and downloads

Existing Customers: Upgrading to noiseLAB 4.0

Editing to improve the quality of your measurements

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