noiseLAB 4.0 Release Candidate 3 available

Release candidate 3 of noiseLAB 4.0 is now available. It consists of two downloads:

  • noiseLAB Capture for wave file import, data acquisition, and editing of sound files.
  • noiseLAB Batch Processor for advanced analysis of files from noiseLAB Capture. Includes vibration analysis and sound quality metrics.

These Release Candidates will be subjected to certification testing, and when completed  will officially be released.

The products reflect extensive testing and performance improvements.

Important compatibility notes (only relevant for users who have used previous Release Candidates RC01 and RC02):

  • RC03 sound files and project files are not compatible with earlier release candidates.
  • Therefore if you want to keep these files, move the main folder containing earlier projects to a different location or rename it.  Otherwise you existing files may be overwritten.
  • To be able to process these files, you should not uninstall RC02.

The Release Candidates contain the full functionality of the full edition of noiseLAB and Expire October 31, 2014.

The files are available for download here 


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